What is Nearshoring and why is it experiencing strong growth?

The pandemic has affected both the way we live and work. This fact has contributed to the rapid growth and use of digital solutions for meetings and remote work. This in turn means that new opportunities have been created for companies to find resources in countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, nearshore countries. Rebtech has cooperation with a large number of IT companies within nearshore that have a clear focus on BI development and are used to working remotely for international companies.

Nearshoring versus Offshoring
Offshoring has been a common occurrence in many larger companies for a long time. Offshoring means that companies use external resources from distant countries – preferably from Asia. Rebtech has chosen to work with countries within Europe/nearshore because we believe it is the best fit for development projects within Business Intelligence.

Below is a summary of the differences we experience between these options:

Rebtech has agreements with several BI partners within nearshore, a total of over 1000 BI consultants with competence on all BI platforms. We find what you are looking for.

We work with BI ourselves and have the knowledge and experience required to find the right consultant, interview and make correct selections.

We recruit your entire nearshore team and can also lead this with one of our own BI Team Leads.

Hourly rates for a BI consultant from nearshore are approx. 30-50% lower compared to corresponding Swedish consultants. The hourly price for a BI resource from nearshore includes all the services we provide.

In the contracts Rebtech has signed with partners, the minimum notice period is 1 month for the nearshore consultants hired.

Rebtech AB is your contractual partner and contracts are written according to Swedish laws and regulations

Area Nearshore Offshore
Culture & communication
Similar to Swedish culture with a lot of own initiative
Big difference requires more control and detailed specifications
Time difference
0-1 h
Up to 10 h
Travel time
2-4 h
24 h
Delivery quality
Very good
Employment costs
Data security & legislation
Within EU - GDPR
Outside EU
Cost compared to Swedish resources
30-40 % lower
50-75 % lower

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