What we do

We at Rebtech are convinced that the key to creating added value for the business lies in developing and strengthening internal capabilities within the Data & Analytics team

These capabilities cover four central areas:

  • Management & control – Our unit needs to be able to effectively manage management and control in order to address long-term plans and drive the work forward.

  • Way of working & Organization - We strive to introduce modern working methods that focus on concrete results. It is also important to ensure that our skills match the technical needs and platform selection.

  • Architecture - A central part of our methodology is to continuously develop and maintain a sustainable architecture.

  • Technology & Platform - We choose platforms based on existing competence and "best of breed" to ensure optimal results.

Through this approach, we can ensure that the team delivers value in line with business requirements.

At Rebtech, we are dedicated to helping our customers develop and improve these capabilities. We act as guides, advisors in both organizational and technical matters while providing valuable solutions through our experienced consultants.

With both our own staff in Sweden as well as with staff from our partners in Europe, we can quickly scale up teams for development and management but at the same time keep costs down


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