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Data Analytics för Dynamics 365 F&O/CRM/BC

Do you use Dynamics 365 F&O/CRM/BC? If so, this Webinar is for you.

Now it is easier than ever before for you who use D365 to get a cloud-based BI solution with a Data Lakehouse and reports in PowerBI.

Per Wallmark, Senior BI Consultant at Rebtech, has developed several BI solutions with Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse at companies that use D365. Per shares useful information as well as tips & tricks on how to get started quickly.

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Key take aways

  • How to get data out of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • How to set up a simple Data Lakhouse

  • Advantages versus disadvantages of a Data Lakehouse compared to a traditional Data Warehouse

  • What a mini-project can look like and what is required in terms of time and initial investment

Nearshore in practice when developing solutions for Data Analytics​

The webinar will show the advantages of using consultants from other countries in Europe through concrete examples. Britenet shares what has been done in various areas of Data Analytics with a focus on solutions developed with Microsoft Azure. Four different projects will be presented with, among other things, the following content:

– Data analysis from IOT streams. A global company producing digital printers wants to detect and predict malfunctions through log analysis of industrial inkjet printers.

– Development of completely new analysis/reporting environment Azure. A leading company in the gaming industry needed a more functional BI solution.

– Automatic replenishment of goods with Machine Learning. A company in retail that sells and delivers goods via various channels.

– Development of new Reporting Center. Forwarding/logistics company that needed a completely new reporting solution. Implementation of data warehouse and Power BI.

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Key take aways

  • Advantages of nearshoring versus offshoring

  • Examples of Azure Analytics - Multiple Application

  • Practical use of AI - Artificial Intelligence

In the head of a BI-Manager

– Experience from working as a leader in Business Intelligence.

Between a demanding operational activity and a strained IT department, you usually find the BI department. What do the role and tasks look like for a BI Manager today? How do you best navigate within the organization? Is it mainly leadership or technical skills that are the key to success? How do you create growth in your BI team?

Welcome to share how Joakim Fennö talks about his experiences from the role of BI Manager.

  • The role of BI Manager
  • Build and lead a growing BI team
  • Challenges and success factors

The webinar was presented by Joakim Fennö, Senior BI Consultant at Rebtech with extensive experience in leading positions in Business Intelligence

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Building and leading a nearshore team in a BI project

Take part in our webinar from October 26, 2022 about building and leading a nearshore team in a BI project.

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To work data-driven

Take part in our webinar from 18 May 2022 about working data-driven.

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