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We develop analytical applications with Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

With both our own staff in Sweden as well as with staff from our partners in Europe, we can quickly scale up teams for development and  application management and at the same time keep cost efficiency

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Application Management and Projects

Lower costs for development projects and application management

We cooperate with Data Analytics partners in nearshore countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. Through virtual project and development teams where system development is mostly carried out by resources from our partners and project management from Sweden, we can ensure high quality with sound financial conditions.

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If you are looking for a certain competences, we will find it.
In addition – with lower hourly rates.

We find developers in our network of partners in Europe. We have agreements with the best suppliers in Poland, the Czech Republic and several nearshore countries. The consultants we engage are highly experienced and  used to work remotely in international projects. We can fast scale up teams or find individuals for assignments and projects.

We have extensive experience in sourcing, recruitment and assessing the candidates for various roles.

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What sets us apart from other providers in Analytics is our large network of partners within Europe. Read more about nearshoring and how we use it for development of analytical solutions.

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